AQUA Treatment Technologies develops and implements created wetlands for effective and efficient wastewater treatment. While there are currently more than 1,000 constructed wetlands in North America being used to treat various waste streams (eg. municipal wastewater, coal and metal mine drainage), AQUA has refined this technology to enhance overall treatment performance and to address traditional problems in colder climates when biological treatment activity slows.

We know from decades of European and North American research that constructed and natural wetlands can be used to clean polluted waters through various physical,
chemical and biological processes. These wetlands can remove nutrients, metals and other problematic substances from wastewater prior to discharge in the natural environment.

With an AQUA wetland, wastewater is discharged into a vertical flow treatment system.
It flows freely through the system at a slow pace allowing wetland plants to cleanse the wastewater. The process does not involve open or standing water. The AQUA system routinely reduces common waste water parameters by 95% or more, resulting in a
clear and odour-free effluent suitable for reuse for not potable purposes (eg. irrigation, flushing).