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Mr. Lloyd Rozema

The Hamilton Spectator - Saturday, July 19, 2003

Purifying Water Naturally

AQUA Treatment Technologies president Lloyd Rozema checks on water being filtered in an artifical wetland, complete with cattails, the established at East Dell Winery in Beamsville, ON, Canada.

It's all in the cattails - Niagara wineries are benefiting form AQUA Treatment Technologies' pioneering effor to treat rural wastewater simply, naturally and relatively inexpensively in areas that are devoid of good ground water sources. The company's pilot project has worked so well, it's creating a lot of interest in the United States.

"Its system mimics Mother Nature, building biofilters that resemble cattail marshes. They're attractive to look at, cheap to run, take up less land than septic tile beds, don't wear out and work year-round, even in northern Ontario."

"Aqua wetlands are also in use at the Whitefish Lake First Nation near Sudbury, a mushroom barn in Chatham, a large floral greenhouse complex in Dunnville and two other Niagara wineries, Vineland Estates Winery and Peninsula Ridge. Others are going in at Kurtz Orchards in Niagara-On-The-Lake, Tawse Family Vineyard in Vineland and Angel's Gate Winery down the road form East Dell."