Below are a list of AQUA Treatment Systems approved by the Ministry of Environment

Sanitary Sewage

• Treatment of Sanitary Sewage at Valley View Public School ~ download PDF

• Six Nations Bingo Hall ~ download PDF

• Epping Forest Trailer park ~ download PDF

• Remote Fishing Camp ~ download PDF

Agricultural waste water

• Presentation given at the ‘Integrated Solutions to manure Management Conference, 2006'
~ download PDF

• Treatment of Abattoir wastewater at a small on-farm abattoir in Ontario, Canada ~ download PDF

• Treatment of Milk House Wash Water and Manure Pile Leachate at a Dairy Farm in Wallenstein, ON, Canada ~ download PDF

• Treatment of Milk House wash water at a small dairy farm near St. Jacobs, Ontario, Canada ~ download PDF

• Treatment of Mushroom Farm Leachate water ~ download PDF

Industrial waste water

• Treatment of Landfill Leachate ~ download PDF

• Treatment of Landfill Leachate: paper presented at Sardinia 2005, 10th Int. Waste Manag. & Landfill Symp., 3-7 Oct. 2005, S. Margherita di Pula, Sardinia, Italy - download PDF

General Information

• List of Ministry of Environment approved sites (with discharge to the environment) ~ download PDF

•Construction procedures for large flow AQUA wetland systems ~ download PDF
• AWS operating principle ~ download PDF

• Article in the "Canadian Environmental Protection" magazine ~ download PDF

• Modular design of the AWS ~ download PDF

• Research into the AWS Nitrogen removal mechanisms ~ download PDF

• The Portable AWS: available for pilot testing ~ download PDF