AQUA Treatment Technologies Inc. and it's partners can provide all of the services required for a turn key installation of a vertical flow constructed wetland. This includes permitting, design and installation.

In the US AQUA works with consulting firms, such as GeoSyntec Consultants, to resolve permitting issues etc. In the Province of Ontario a Certificate of Approval, issued by the Ministry of Environment, is required to operate any wastewater treatment system treating more than 10,000 Litres per day. Certificates of Approval are also required for surface water discharge of treated effluent, regardless of daily flow volume.

AQUA can guide our clients through the approval process. The following are key components of this process

  1. Pre-submission consultation meeting: This meeting must be held prior to preparing the application package. This meeting is held on-site with personnel from the local MOE district office, MOE technical support staff, the proponent and the consultants (AQUA). At this meeting the proposal is presented and the MOE personnel voice any concerns they may have. Due to serious under funding of the MOE this meeting should be scheduled months in advance of the anticipated meeting date. Often the MOE technical support staff are simply not available to meet and this meeting is done via telephone conference.

  2. Preparation of the application package. This package must include the design brief, engineering drawings, detailed description of the proposed works, supporting performance data from similar installations and processing fees. In addition, a surface water impact assessment is required if the treated effluent is to be discharged into surface water or a Hydrogeological assessment is required if the discharge is sub-surface e.g. Shallow buried trench system, leaching bed.

  3. One copy of the completed package must be sent to the MOE technical support office, one to the MOE district office and one to the MOE approvals branch in Toronto. Be prepared to wait longer than the 6 weeks they say is required to process the application - most take 6 to 12 months. For this reason you must begin this process well in advance of your anticipated system start-up date.

  4. Upon successful review, the MOE issues a Certificate of Approval. This is a legal, enforceable contract between the owner of the system and the MOE. The approval stipulates design the operating parameters within which the system must operate, as well as performance limits, reporting requirements etc.

AQUA Treatment Technologies Inc. also offers a pilot study service. This service provides a performance evaluation of the AQUA Wetland System for treating untested wastewater types. In the past AQUA has run pilot studies testing winery wash water, landfill leachate and contaminated groundwater.

Please feel free to contact Lloyd Rozema if you have any questions regarding the above.