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Sanitary Sewage

  1. Valley View Public School
    Sudbury, Ontario

  2. Six Nations Bingo Hall
    Oshweken, Ontario

  3. Epping Forest Trailer Park
    Essex, Ontario

  4. Lunge Lodge Fishing Camp
    Monetville, Ontario

Winery Wash Water
  1. Treatment of high strength winery wastewater using an Aqua Wetland System
    Beamsville, Ontario

  2. A vertical flow constructed wetland for the treatment of winery process water
    Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario

  3. Treatment of High Strength Winery Wash Water
    Niagara Region, Ontario

Agricultural Waste Water

  1. Treatment of wastewater at a small on-farm abattoir
    Niagara Region, Ontario

  2. Treatment of 3,600 litres per day of milk house washwater
    Wallenstein, Ontario

  3. Treatment of Mushroom Farm Leachate Water
    Niagara Region, Ontario

  4. Lunge Lodge Fishing Camp
    Monetville, Ontario

Landfill Leachate

  1. Sustainable Leachate Management at Timberlands Landfill
    Brewton, Alabama

  2. Leachate Treatment Using Vertical Subsurface Flow Wetland Systems
    Findings From Two Pilot Studies

Greenhouse Irrigation Leachate Water

  1. RosaFlora Greenhouses
    Dunnville, Ontario

  2. Southshore Greenhouses
    Research project Executive Summary

  3. Greenhouse (as built in sketch)